Gen-E-Tech / Nazi Conspiracy Thickens

               It wasn’t much of a surprise when the scandal first broke last year.  Anybody doing research on the Megalopolis based multi-conglomerate, Gen-e-Tech, Inc. would find a long track record of questionable ethics, creative finances, and oppressive labor relations.  The Nazis, of course, were built on hatred and corruption.  So what do you expect when these two get together?

              It was bad enough that Gen-e-Tech broke the trade embargo by bringing shiploads of weapons and ammunition to the Nazi regime, but the fact that they traded these goods for human cargo is despicable.  The numbers of criminals and other “undesirables” that the Nazis shipped off for genetic experimentation is still unknown.  It is also unknown how many “Reeducation Centers” in the Nazi homeland were actually fronts for some of Gen-e-Tech’s experiments.

              The official report of the probe, which was released today, shows that the Nazis were not limiting their victims to criminals, as they once claimed.  Definitive evidence shows that they were also capturing and shipping newly arrived Newbies.  It makes sense that such a cold and calculating group would prey on those who would not only not be missed, but also would never even been known to exist.

Musical Genius Releases New Album

               If you don’t know Vasa Pyruth’s work, you should.  If you don’t care about Sea Shanties, you have never heard Vasa Pyruth.  If you have heard Vasa Pyruth and still don’t like him, you are no friend of mine.

              I first heard of Vasa a few years ago when I happened upon a bootlegged copy of one of his live shows.  At first I wasn’t sure what I was listening to, but after an hour I was hooked.  His delightful melodies tell stories of the heart, of adventure and, most importantly, of the sea.

              A Sea Elf by birth, Vasa has spent the majority of his life aboard ship.  He has also, however, delved into “Acoustic Magic,” a means by which magic can be tapped into through music.  This rare form of magic cannot be recorded, but just hearing him play is magical enough.

              This album, entitled, “Ocean Bard,” is his first produced album and has some amazing new tunes.  It is ninety minutes long, fifteen of which are dedicated to the tearful and heartrending opus, “The Ballad of Arden.” 

              If you only buy one album this year, make it “Ocean Bard.”  You won’t be disappointed.

Oil Platform Attacked by Unknown Creature

               The quest for oil has long been a dangerous and expensive pursuit.  The huge demand from the Tech 6 nations along with its extreme scarcity makes it one of the most valuable commodities on the planet.  The record find of this “black gold” in the depths of the Aegir Ocean was supposed to have been a financial boon for Valhalla Oil and Gas, Inc. (VO&G), but in actuality it has led to bankruptcy, disaster and death.

              In the most recent saga, the drilling platform Aurora 6 lost communication with the mainland.  The last transmissions were disjointed and investigators have yet to determine exactly what happened.  My contacts have informed me that there was a series of mechanical malfunctions where the metal fittings within the refinery’s super-structure were destroyed.  The term “eaten through” was used.

              Nobody has been able to satisfactorily explain how a three foot thick piece of metal could be “eaten through” in the three months that the well has been operational. 

              VO&G has been in contact with the Adventurer’s Guild to set up a standard clean and sweep of the area.

Blackbeard Strikes Again

                The good people of Campo di Mare suffered a nightmare attack from the dread pirate Blackbeard.  This small fishing village lies nestled in the Italian province of the Imperial Nations.  Despite the many war ships that guard these waters, the infamous pirate was able to attack the town at nightfall.  Then, the infamous pirate and his villainous crew lay an entire night of savagery and ghastly horrors upon the town. 

                Grim stories of violent atrocities have come from those lucky enough to flee.   There were over four hundred dead, and close to a hundred missing.  It is said that the death toll may continue to rise.  The INSL believes that many of the missing townsfolk were taken onboard for his crew’s amusement.  If his past actions are any clue, pieces of them will wash up in the coming weeks.

                The INSL has a half-million V-Bill price on Blackbeard’s head.  The bounty on his crewmembers and henchmen cumulates to even more than this.  There is even a million V-bill reward being offered to the safe return of the ship that he captured four years ago.  That ship, a 50-gun ship of the line, has been renamed “Hell’s Gateway” by the nefarious pirate, and has caused misery and devastation in its wake.

                 My heart goes out to the people of Campo di Mare.  But rest assured.  Someday the pirate will be brought to justice.  And that day all the free people of Valhalla will celebrate!