Home Buying with Perks

                I am in the market for a new flat, so I have spent a lot of time looking over ads of all sorts.  Most of it is frustrating, but I do enjoy running across some strange things.  Few of them have brought me as much joy as the chateau which includes:

  • 10 Bedrooms
  • 4 Bathrooms
  • Ballroom
  • 7 Fireplaces
  • Twenty foot high security fence
  • Private access to the Naiad River
  • Ten acres (7 wooded and 3 of gardens)
  • Gargoyle
  • Boat House
  • Stables

              Wait a second!  A gargoyle???

              Believing it to be a hoax, I spent a little time researching the subject.  I even took the time to see the property (and the Gargoyle) for myself.  I was not disappointed!  I was amazed to learn that Gargoyles are a feature in many lordly dwellings, particularly in the Imperial Nations and Xa’cor dy Yelpheet. 

              Gargoyles are enchanted statues created by powerful Alchemists.  These beings are sentient, but are tied to a specific location.  They cannot move beyond their boundaries.  While this does inhibit their powers somewhat, it makes them excellent home guardians.  And because they are magically linked to the dwelling and, by extension, to the home’s owner, they are completely loyal and transferrable to the new homebuyer.

               Man, I can’t wait to get a Gargoyle!

Smallpox Outbreak!

                Physicians Without Borders has verified that the Ancient Egyptian town of Benu, has suffered a major outbreak of smallpox.  The virus spread quickly through the city and has begun to ravage the countryside.  It is unknown how many people are already affected by this plague, but Dr. Dwight Evans, a spokesman for the humanitarian group, believes that the death toll will be high.

                “The typical mortality rate of the disease is about 30-35%,” Dr. Evans says.  “With at least a quarter of the population already infected, we are looking at tens of thousands of deaths.  That, of course, is if we are able to contain the event.”

                The INSL is sending ground forces to the area to help support Pharaoh Thutmose III’s army.  They plan to quarantine the city while rushing in doctors and medical supplies.  The city nation of Megalopolis has already sent wagonloads of supplies and vaccine to help suppress the outbreak.

                “What we need is another eradication program like we had back in the world,” Dr. Evans stated, referring to the program that supposedly destroyed the virus in his first world.  “It is difficult here though.  Even if we can inoculate every man, woman, and child on the planet, how are we going to make sure all the newbies get it too?”