Nazi Werewolf Den Discovered

                The soviet newspaper Pravdivost released a report today detailing alleged lycanthropy within the highest ranks of Nazi Germany.  The report, accompanied by a series of grainy photos, is said to be proof that the Waffen SS Standartenfuhrer Claus Fleischer, and a number of individuals under his command are indeed werewolves.  The photos, individual frames are reportedly all that are left of a ten minute film which was destroyed shortly after Herr Fleischer and his cohorts shifted into lupine form.

               A study of the images by experts affiliated with the Indie Times Network vouch for the image’s authenticity.  On condition of anonymity, our expert stated that “the images themselves have not been tampered with.  There is no evidence of photographic manipulation of any kind.  This does not mean that there was not some other form of manipulation going on, however.  Perhaps a look-alike who shifted shapes through magic.”

               The soviet report goes on to explain that Standartenfuhrer Fleischer and his crew of werewolves are actually part of a devious Nazi plan.  They claim that Standartenfuhrer Fleischer is the leader of a specialized hit-squad formed to infiltrate, terrorize, and murder across borders.  It is said that they are trained to seek out specific targets and hunt them down and murder them with the aid of their extraordinary physical traits.  This is meant to leave the victim looking as if they were attacked by a wild animal while striking fear into the hearts of the locals.

               If it is indeed true, the political fall-out could be immense.  Though not strictly forbidden, the weaponized use of magic or technology has always brought the close scrutiny of the INSL.  Already drawing disdain from most nations, the Nazi regime will become an INSL target should any of these rumors prove to be true.

               Indeed, Standartenfuhrer Fleischer is on Amnesty Now’s top ten list of war criminals and human rights’ abusers.  Though little is known of his current whereabouts, Amnesty Now does have a fair amount of information on his history.  It appears that he is a Freebirth who was born into a family of staunch Nazi supporters.  He served as part of the Hitler Youth and eventually joined the Waffen SS.  He served as second in command of a prison camp for political undesirables for three years.  After this his history grows hazy.  His name pops up here and there in relation to a number of “political cleansing” sweeps.  It is even believed that he may have taken part in the now infamous Gen-e-Tech conspiracy, (see archived post) though nothing has been proven.

               While Nazi Germany has not responded to these claims, others refute parts of the Soviet allegations.  Yazarah Harroz, an elven professor of Xenomorphology at Ada-Kar University does not refute that the images show a human transformation into a werewolf, but doubts other aspects of the Soviet claims.

               “The Soviets claim that these werewolves are being trained to become assassins.  Such a plan is ludicrous!”  Mr. Harroz explains.  “It is true that werewolves are violent killing machines, but they cannot be trained to accomplish missions.  Their violence is opportunistic.  They hunt and kill without thought.  When they shift into their lupine form they lose all sense of reason.  They will kill whatever crosses their path, whether it be their best friend or a dear family member.  If they were left alone in a room with their target when they turned, they would certainly attack that person, but this is not planned.  It is nature.  The strong killing the weak.  No more and no less.”

            The truth of this story is still unknown.  Nazi Germany has tampered with experimental magic, gene manipulation, and unconventional weaponry.  It is certainly conceivable that they would attempt to institutionalize lycanthropy.  Standartenfuhrer Fleischer also seems like a good candidate for such a mission.  According to Amnesty Now, he is already a monster.

On the other hand, it could be another Soviet deception.  They have been caught multiple times releasing well-time, if inaccurate stories that help them to retain power and sway public support.  

            We may never know.