On this page you will find a number of downloadable documents that will make game play easier.  First and foremost are a number of blank character sheets that can be used when creating either player characters or Non-Player characters as well as a host of other odds and ends.  After this are lists of pregenerated characters. 


Character Sheets & Other Downloadable Documents

Blank Character Sheet: Character Sheet for Player Characters and Major NPC’s

Disposable Bad Guy: Character Sheets for Minor NPC’s

Middling Characters: Character Sheets for more detailed NPC’s

Creature Creation Worksheet: Used to create your own creatures. 



Though the world of Valhalla is predominantly populated by humans, there are a number of strange races that exist here as well.  Here are some examples of the more common races that a character might encounter.  These can be used as minor character (Levels1-5).




Elves II

Humans: See below.



The following characters are hand-to-hand fighters.  Each page represents a character of a different level.  Within that page are included Brawlers (B), Wrestlers (W), Pugilists (P) and Martial Artists (M).  These characters are not normally engaged in adventures, but can be used in the myriad fighting arenas (both legal and illegal) throughout Valhalla.  They are also a fine way to learn how Hand-to-Hand combat works in this game.



Minor Characters and Disposable Badguys

These Characters are NPC’s that can be printed an used for whatever purpose the GM desires.  Most often they are used as henchmen, or for random encounters.  None of these characters is particularly strong, but that doesn’t mean they can’t put up a good fight.  Many of them hail from specific eras, while others are indicated Thugs from a certain Tech-Level.  These “Thugs” are appropriate for pretty much any society from that tech zone.  Each of the following PDFs contain four characters per page, each page ranging from experience levels one through Five.

American Civil War Soldiers

Ancient Greek Warriors

Dark Ages Warrior

INSL Police

Native Americans

Thugs (Tech Level 1)

Thugs (Tech Level 2)

Thugs (Tech Level 3)

Thugs (Tech Level 4)

Thugs (Tech Level 5)

Thugs (Tech Level 6)

Thugs (Tech Level 7)

Thugs (Tech Level N/A)

World War II Soldier


Named Characters

The following characters are much more developed than your typical Disposable Bad Guys. For one, they actually have names! They also have Skills and some back-story. Many of these characters appear in other adventures. In such cases their character information has been altered to reduce spoilers. These characters can be used and altered in any way the GM chooses. Make them your own and enjoy how they work into your adventure.


From the INSL

Detectives Davis & Ix’abin: 7th & 5th Level Detectives for the INSL Police Force in Ada-Kar

Detective Minski: 12TH Level INSL Detective

Mererid Prydwyn: 7th Level Amazon Warrior & INSL Operative

Saul Weisberg: 9th Level Army Linguist & INSL Operative

Ukillu Thunderbottom: 6th Level Dwarven Fighter & INSL Operative


From the Adventurer’s Guild

Allatu Adapa: 4th Level evil Babylonian priestess.

Asthar & Guruth: 5th Level Human/Animal Mutations (Hawk & Crocodile)

Mallory Lyonette & Guy Buiron:  1st & 2nd Level budding adventurers from Imperial France.

Myryth & Marcus: Established Adventurers. An Elf Magic User and a Roman soldier.

Paul Harris: 5th Level Vietnam Veteran

Simon Jacobs & Nathan Hawkins:  4th Information Coordinator &  2nd Level Computer Wiz-Kid.

Washee:  5th Level Native American warrior

Wyatt Oiler: 7th Level Sailor & Adventurer

Ysidro: 5th Level Freebirth Adventurer (from the Greco-Roman Alliance)



Anakubel Silafodan: 2nd Level Elven Elemental Magic User (Fire)

Bhekizizwe Maelesi: 5th Level Zulu Warrior

Bjarke Bjarkeson: 2nd Level Viking

Davey Cobbler: 4th Level Crimean War veteran (Young artillery officer)

Eione Grivas: 3rd Level Spartan aristocratic woman

Filgro Hammerhand: 2nd Level Dwarven warrior

Henry Fordcrosse: 3rd Level squire

Linos Dellis: 3rd Level Greek Hoplite

Maggie Rumba: 2nd Level Cyborg

Makoto Sora: 3rd Level Ancient Japanese foot soldier

Merenre Twosret: 2nd Level Ancient Egyptian

Natalya Volkov: 4th Level WWII Soviet sniper

Nigel Mackins: 6th Level RAF pilot from WWII

Pyotr: 3rd Level Human/Animal mutation (50% Bear)

Sukanya Cancala: 3rd Level Entertainer (Magician’s Assistant)

Touches the Fawn: 4th Level Native American spell caster

Victoria Walker: 2nd Level modern US soldier


From the Thieves Guild

Akiho Miyake: 7th Level female ninja.

Drover Stockly: 4th Level Highwayman from medieval England.

Gus Langley: 4th Level bandit from the old west.

Mark Ryker & Minions:  5th Level gangster and two of his loyal soldiers.


Merchants & Townsfolk

Damon Anseti:  10th Level ex-adventurer and owner of the Pirate’s Gold Inn.

Boca Raton:  7th Level half-Ogre ex-adventurer.  Works with Damon at the Pirate’s Gold Inn

Harold & Mary Taverner:  3rd & 2nd Level tavern keepers at the Cracked Cask.

Lucius Tyranus & Minions:  7th Level Roman merchant and his guards.

Rastanza: 4th Level Sea Elf adventurer

Tim Sagar: 4th Level Newbie Cook from an Old West waggon train


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