Free Adventures

On this page you will find some free adventures and settings.  Though they are designed for new players and characters, they can be played by experienced players as well. 

Adventures are short gaming encounters where the PCs will be able to use their wits and muscles to overcome obstacles.  Scenes have significantly less action in them, but are useful in setting the mood and background of the Valhalla world. 




The Wicked Trade: The first adventure available for Valhalla!  This is designed for lower level characters just coming to the world of Valhalla.  It is intended to give players and the GM an introduction to the game and rules.  If nothing else it will prove what a cruel and wicked place Valhalla can be!  (Artwork is still pending).



Visiting the INSL Pyramid: This short document is used only for setting the scene when a character sees the INSL pyramid for the first time. The structure is one of the most iconic buildings in Valhalla. It is also the center of power for the INSL and the location where the world government meets.

Registering with the INSL: This document is most useful when you want to set a scene. It is designed to give the players and GM the flavor of what it is like to register with the INSL (International Security League). In particular it is for use when registering in the capital city of Ada-Kar. There is no real adventure within this document. Rather it is intended to allow players to get accustomed to the strange things in Valhalla and have their first brush with the bureaucratic nightmare that is the INSL.

How Newbies Spend their Time: This short informational pamphlet is useful for helping the GM and PCs learn more about the world of Valhalla. This is not so much an adventure as it is a set of ideas on how to bridge the time between the character’s arrival in Valhalla with the start of an adventure.


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