The twenty-five creatures listed below are only a portion of those found in Valhalla.  This list breaks them down by the type of creature they are, where they are often found and their area in which they are most populous.  These are just generalizations, however, and it is sometime possible to find these creatures outside of their natural habitats.  Where and how they show up is up to you.

Creature Name Type Terrain Terrain qualifier Area of Greatest Population
Baruka Animal Aquatic Rivers & Streams Kiwanja
Boxing ‘Bot Machine Any Tech 7 Megalopolis
Centaur Mythic Temperate & Tropical None Xa’cor dy Yelpheet
Chameleon Dragon Animal Temperate & Tropical None Gyr Kuzott
Dogs Animal Any None Kingdoms
Dragon (Fire) Elemental Any Volcanic Xa’cor dy Yelpheet
Elemental (Earth) Elemental Any Land Bound Xa’cor dy Yelpheet
Enforcer Machine Any Tech 7 Megalopolis
Fomorri Mythic Aquatic Coastal  Jormungand Ocean
Gargoyle Enchantment Any None Imperial Nations
Giant Mythic Any Land Bound Bifrost
Goblin Alien Temperate & Tropical Subterranean Gyr Kuzott
Harpy Mythic Temperate & Tropical Mountainous Greco-Roman Alliance
Hippocampus Animal Aquatic Coastal Coalition of City-States
Hobgoblin Mythic Temperate & Tropical None Xa’cor dy Yelpheet
Horse Animal Temperate Grassland Tribal Nations
Intulo Animal Temperate & Tropical Grassland & Wooded Kiwanja
Minotaur Mythic Temperate  None Greco-Roman Alliance
Nymph (Water) Elemental Any Location Bound Xa’cor dy Yelpheet
Ogre Mythic Temperate & Tropical Grassland & Wooded Xa’cor dy Yelpheet
Oni Mythic Temperate & Tropical Mountainous Kuan Ti Territories
Scorpion (Medium) Animal Temperate & Tropical Desert People of Islam
Sea Scag Animal Aquatic Coastal Coastal Shoals
Wasp (Small) Animal Temperate & Tropical None Coalition of American States
Zombie Undead Any None Xa’cor dy Yelpheet



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