Sample Art

  Here is some of the fantastic artwork that can be found in Valhalla’s core rulebook.


Charred Legions

Charred Legions by Ryan Durney

 This design was originally intended for a Magic the Gathering card.  I thought that it would be an excellent addition to Valhalla though and jumped at the chance to license it.


minotaur Minotaur by Alex Kolesar

This is but one of the monsters that Alex designed for me.  His work always draws me in.



Harpy by Ryan Durney

 Ryan has done a lot of work with me over the years.  He came up with this Harpy early on.  Most recently he started working on a wall map of the world of Valhalla. 




Divine Magic Spheres by Audrey Durney

 I asked Audrey to come up with graphic representations of each of the Spheres of Divine Magic and show how they interconnect.  She did an awesome job!



Amazon Victorious by Marce Righthouse

I like the clash between technologies in this one.  It is touching the spirit of the game world.  It is also an important reminder to never cross an Amazon!


archer2 Striking from a Distance by Alex Kolesar

 Mixing Magic and Technology can make for powerful characters.  How about this assassin using high-tech binoculars to enhance a Magic Arrow?



In the Lair of Gressorid Dur by Alex Kolesar

  I was really impressed when Alex sent me this one.  I love the detail in the dragon and the feeling of desperation.  Somebody isn’t going to live until next combat round!



Thief of the Kong Miao Temple by Travis Hayes

For this piece I wanted to show the adventures of someone in the Thieves Guild.  Travis really brought together the feelings of action and stealth that I was hoping for.  Travis also designed the cover art for the book.


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