World of Valhalla

The following is detailed information about the nations in Valhalla.  While each nation is primarily comprised of people from certain times or places, there is a good deal of mingling between the nations.  This is particularly evident at port cities and borderlands throughout the world.


Country: Ada-Kar

Tech Zone: None (All Technologies function equally)

Social Make-up: All times and cultures.  Ada-Kar is a true cross-section of Valhalla.

Sociopolitical Attitudes:  Being the center of the INSL (Inter-National Security League), Ada-Kar houses the greatest variety of characters and creatures on the planet.  This is also where most Newbies arrive. 


Country: Axis Nations

Tech Zone: 6

Social Make-up: WWI and II Axis powers including Germany, Austria-Hungary, Italy, and Japan

Sociopolitical Attitudes: The Axis nations have been able to develop a base of power despite the fact that they are often ostracized by the rest of the world.  When Tech Zones were developed they chose a higher tech level than expected primarily due to Germany’s insistence on developing technology.  They have garnered ties with other nations, but generally keep these alliances secret for the benefit of both parties.


Country: Bifrost

Tech Zone: 2

Social Make-up: Vikings, Celts, Anglos, Saxons, et al

Sociopolitical Attitudes: The islands that they inhabit at the far north of the Einherjar Ocean are bitterly cold and do not have much farmland.  As such their main income is gained by raiding each other and other nations.  Bands will also join the Adventurer’s Guild in order to gain fame and riches.


Country: Brahmaloka

Tech Zone: 2

Social Make-up: Ancient Indian cultures from 2600 BC through European Imperialism

Sociopolitical Attitudes: While the majority of this country enjoys peace, there are some factions that are at war.  These factions work regularly to raid their neighbors, or to seek help from neighboring nations in order to overthrow their enemies.  Often religion plays a part in determine who will gain aid and from where.  Hinduism is the predominant religion, but Buddhism and Islam are also practiced in many locations.


Country: Coalition of American States

Tech Zone: 4

Social Make-up: People from American history including Colonists, Tories, Civil War era, and the Old West.

Sociopolitical Attitudes: Despite their similar history, this nation is surprisingly divided in internal strife.  As one might expect, the primary source of contention is slavery.  While technically legal here, the Union area of the nation has railed against it and attempted to change these laws at every turn.  Open war is unlikely, however, because the Confederate states are already self-governing while the other factions lack the political will to go to war.


Country: Coalition of City-states

Tech Zone: 1

Social Make-up: Babylonians, Sumerians, Israelites, et al

Sociopolitical Attitudes: These city-states are constantly at war with one another.  They each seem to rise in power, expend themselves and then fall every few generations.  When not killing each other they trade in grain and livestock. 


Country: Greco-Roman Alliance

Tech Zone: 1

Social Make-up: Ancient Greeks, Romans, Minoans and other Mediterranean peoples

Sociopolitical Attitudes: This nation has enjoyed peace since the Great War and has become rich and powerful.  This wealth is held primarily by a few people, however, and the use of slaves throughout the country has left many of the free-people destitute.  Though they do a significant amount of trade in wine, grains and olives, their main source of income is from tourism.


Country: Gyr Kuzott

Tech Zone: 8

Social Make-up: Gorgonians and other Alien Races

Sociopolitical Attitudes: The Gorgonian aliens rule this entire country, though it is known that there are many other less-technologically adept alien races also living here.  The borders of this country are strictly shut.  Those wandering into the territory are not often seen again.


Country: Imperial Nations

Tech Zone: 4

Social Make-up: People from the era of European Empires circa 15th to 19th centuries

Sociopolitical Attitudes: This country has done well in Valhalla, though they have never gained the power that they once had on earth.  They did, however, learn early on that their sailing vessels gave them control over most of the trade between nations.  Harnessing the wind with clipper ships and galleons enabled them to trade with every nation regardless of the Tech Zone, and this has enabled them to thrive.


Country: The Kingdoms

Tech Zone: 3

Social Make-up: Various kingdoms from medieval times.

Sociopolitical Attitudes: Formed by many fiefdoms, large and small, the Kingdoms have become one of the countries that are most suspicious of technology and strangers.  In general they do not trust anyone or anything they don’t already know and will often strike violently if they feel threatened.  The death sentence is the law of the land for those found with firearms, magic, or even modern medicine.


Country: Kiwanja

Tech Zone: 1

Social Make-up: African Tribal Societies

Sociopolitical Attitudes: Isolated on their own continent, this nation has little to do with the outside world.  Each tribe exists much as they did on earth, fighting territorial conflicts, raising livestock, hunting, and existing without much contact with the outside world.  Most of these nations do not work together, the exception being when the Afrikaners and Boers invaded during the Great War.  Though they were pushed back and held in check, the remnants of their ancestors still live there to this day, a fact that angers many.


Country: Kuan Ti Territories

Tech Zone: 3

Social Make-up: Feudal Asian states

Sociopolitical Attitudes: Despite some border skirmishes between members of this nation, particularly between the Mongols and everyone else, this nation has enjoyed a great deal of peace over the last hundred years.  They have friendly relations with Brahmaloka, and have become closer to the Iclavians of Yod-Zok than any other nation.  Only their neighbors to the north, The Kingdoms, seem to have animosity toward them.  Raids to and from their lands are common occurrences, a fact that has increased the INSL presence in this area.


Country: Megalopolis

Tech Zone: 7

Social Make-up: People of Earth’s future

Sociopolitical Attitudes: Once condemned for starting the Great War, this city-nation has regrouped and come into their own.  The primary reason for this is their ability to mass-produce items that the rest of the world needs.  Whether it is arms and armor, plows, fishing gear, or medical supplies, the ability of this nation to provide affordable, quality equipment has made the companies that run this country rich.

Though they are a democracy in name, Megalopolis is truly run as an Oligarchy.  Business interests of a few key corporations make all the decisions. 


Country: Narodnaya Strana

Tech Zone: 5

Social Make-up: Communist Countries including Soviet Union, China, Vietnam, Cuba and North Korea

Sociopolitical Attitudes: This nation has the most troubled borders of any nation on Valhalla.  With the Axis Nations on their western border and the Republic of Nations to their east, they are firmly wedged between two of their greatest foes.  Because of this each of the member states have a large standing army making this nation the most heavily fortified nation per capital in the world.


Country: Nations of the Sun

Tech Zone: 1

Social Make-up: Egyptians, Aztecs, Mayans and Incas

Sociopolitical Attitudes: Though originally brought together as pyramid builders, the factions within this nation have not always gotten along.  Brutal and bloody wars have ranged between them for years.  Only now has the nation fallen into a semblance of peace.  Most of the member-states of nations are closed societies that do not trade with the outside world.  The exception to this is the Egyptians, who do great trade in grains and other agricultural products.



Country: People of Islam

Tech Zone: 4

Social Make-up: Islamic Nations from all times

Sociopolitical Attitudes: This nation is comprised of a large number of Islamic peoples including Ottoman Turks, Ayyubid Empire, the Fatimid Empire, Bedouins and various Caliphates.  In general the true rule within these areas is by clan affiliation, though the Ottoman Turks do hold significant power that extends beyond this.  This nation is one of the only oil-rich nations in the world, by which they have gained great wealth.  This nation also trades in spices and textiles.


Country: Republic of Nations

Tech Zone: 6

Social Make-up: Modern Western Nations

Sociopolitical Attitudes: This nation is most similar to present day NATO nations, though people here come from WWI through to the fall of communism and beyond.  There are great tensions on the borders between both the communists of Narodnaya Strana and the technophobes of The Kingdoms.  Despite this they have managed to do well in Valhalla and work to make pacts and treaties throughout the world.  Many in Valhalla, however, have not forgiven their part in the Great War.


Area: Southern Mists

Tech Zone: None

Social Make-up: The Southern Mists are not a nation, but rather a constantly changing geographical location located in the far south.  This fog has mysterious qualities that have not been satisfactorily explained by either magic or science.  Strange things are known to come out of the fog and those that venture into it are rarely heard from again.


Country: Tribal Nations

Tech Zone: 1

Social Make-up: Native Americans

Sociopolitical Attitudes: Bound loosely together by similar histories, the boundaries between the tribes of this nation are in constant flux.  The only thing that remains the same is their border with the Coalition of American States, which they guard continuously for fear of incursions.  Having suffered from their assaults on earth and then again during the Great War, every member of this nation is dedicated to preventing another genocide.  Fortunately they have the clout of the INSL to assist them.


Country: Xa’cor Dy Yelpheet

Tech Zone: 1

Social Make-up: Mythological races

Sociopolitical Attitudes: Perhaps one of the most diverse Nations in Valhalla, Xa’cor Dy Yelpheet has the strange privilege of being both feared and loved by more nations than any other.  While their use of Magic causes wonder in some, it channels hatred in others.  The fact that strange beasts, including hobgoblins, giants and dragons emanate from here also make many wonder whether these creatures will eventually overrun the rest of the world.

            Despite this, other nations have embraced them and learned to love the beauty and strangeness of their lands.  The elves in particular are loved for their beauty, art and wise council. 


Country: Yod-Zok

Tech Zone: 3

Social Make-up: Iclavian Aliens

Sociopolitical Attitudes: Iclavians are a reserved race.  Some would even say reclusive.  Despite this they welcome those who would visit them in peace and learn from them, or teach them.  They have five borders, each of which has its own level of tension and trust with its neighbor.  While the Kingdoms revile the Iclavians, believing them to be spawns of the devil, the Buddhist monks of the Kuan Ti Territories and Brahmaloka have embraced them.  Some have even begun to learn to harness psionic powers.  Meanwhile the Republic of Nations is cordial with them in hopes of gaining them as an ally while Nardnaya Strana appreciates the communal nature of the Iclavians while simultaneously distrusting them and their mental powers.


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