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The Game

Valhalla is a table-top Role Playing Game where you can play any character from any time or place. The world is filled with every conceivable archetype and creature from our own history, as well as alien worlds and lands of magic. In this game knights, gunslingers, mythological beings, cyborgs, ninjas, sorcerers, aliens and soldiers of the past, present and future, all merge together in an on-going adventure.

But the choice of characters does not stop there! With the character design options within this game, you can create any type of creature or character you want. Interested in a shot-gun wielding Roman Centurion? Done! Want to play a Gnome computer hacker? Easy! Want to play an Aztec Vampire? No problem! The choices are only limited to your imagination!


The Website

                This site is designed to help the Game Master gain access to some simple playing materials and to give information about the World of Valhalla. Many pages contain links to PDF’s that can be printed or downloaded to assist in your game. The Characters page and the Monsters page are particularly good for this.

  • The World of Valhalla: This section will give you an overview of the people and nations of Valhalla.
  • The Valhalla Crier: A blog told from the point of view of Rick Northcliff, a Freebirth living in Ada-Kar. This section will give you information about the daily lives of residence of this strange world.
  • Characters: This page contains a number of ready-made characters. They include both minor NPC’s and major NPC’s that you can print and use for your adventures.
  • Monsters: View, save or print common monsters found in Valhalla, and use them in your adventures.
  • Free Adventures: Free documents and adventures that can help you start gaming in Valhalla.
  • Sample Art: See some of the artwork that illustrates the upcoming core rulebook.
  • Links: Links to artists, friends of Valhalla, and sites of interest.


Open License Agreement

                Valhalla Productions, LLC offers an open license agreement with the hope of expanding the Valhalla Gaming World. Per the details of this agreement, individuals and companies can market certain types of material using our gaming system. Vendors can develop, market, and sell their own material royalty-free. For full details, read the Valhalla Adventure Game License Agreement.

                 After reading the agreement, fill out the Acceptance Statement and send it via mail or e-mail to the address indicated on the Acceptance Statement. Then, per the constraints of the Agreement, you may use the Larger Valhalla Gaming World Logo with your products.

                 Note that you may also request that your material become part of the Official Valhalla Gaming World as detailed in Section 5 of the Valhalla Adventure Game License Agreement. If you would like to apply for this, simply check the appropriate box on the Acceptance Statement

 These documents can be found here:

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